Whitby Jet Tree Intaglio Ring


Beautiful Whitby Jet Intaglio

Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring

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Unlike most gemstones, Whitby Jet is organic and is naturally formed from fossilised wood. Like our present-day Monkey Puzzle or Araucaria Tree,
prehistoric wood gets washed up into a body of water and becomes covered by organic sediment.
The pressure of the water and sediment over millions of years compacts the wood and slowly transforms it into what we know as Whitby Jet stone today.
The colour of Whitby Jet is truly unique, boasting a deep blackness so intense that the expression ‘jet black’ or ‘as black as jet’ derives from the colour of the stone.
It has a smooth and very lightweight appeal making it an excellent choice for jewellery.
Its smoothness allows it to take on an extremely high polish to the extent that is could even be used a mirror.
Meanwhile, its weightlessness makes it comfortable to wear around the neck, on the wrist or hanging elegantly from the ears.

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