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We are a small designer studio with a bespoke miniature art sculptures made into jewellery. 

Master designs are sculptured in wax or different materials that hardens in the air. A master mould is made for casting in metals. Lost wax casting method is done in AA casting in London.

We are inspired by antique designs, Roman bronzes, museum artefacts, old jewellery work, Japanese Wabi-Sabi and Tibetan art… 

We also work with Whitby Jet/sea fossilised wood. 

We can carve almost anything with detailed precision of our gifted designer. If you have any ideas pleas let us know. 

We are very much like to have our part in protecting nature. Each piece of jewellery would donate 10% to chosen by us charity.  

Our business is develop to eventually donate all the designs to animal protection charities in the last will. 

We will only choose the most effective and dedicated charities.


Zak Amin

Founder - CEO

Rose Lee


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